eMail Enabled Digital Photo Frame

eStarling eMail Wi-fi Photo Frame
The eStarling digital photo frame is a tad different to your average photo frame. It has wi-fi, but the unique part of the frame is the ability for it to pick up images from emails or from RSS feeds. This allows you to email photos from anywhere in the world and then the pictures in the email will show up automatically on the frame. An example could be where your frame is on a wall at your grandma’s house and you and the family are on holiday. So that granny can keep up with what is happening on holiday you just email photo’s to her photo frame. Let’s just hope that no spam reaches the mail box.

The next unique feature of the eStarling frame is web based access allowing you to control what photo’s appear on the frame where ever it is in the world. If you do not want family shots then connect it up to flikr with phrases such as “cool Japanese robots” and the frame will automatically download and display a flikr stream of jap robots.

When receiving the photo frame you connect it to your PC via a USB cable. This allows you to configure the wi-fi connection and connect it up to your own network. Once this part is done you do not need the USB cable anymore except when reconfiguring the wireless settings and IP information.

Security for email is also available where you can assign the digital photo frame it’s own email address (something random at your and then configure it to only receive emails from particular email addresses should you wish.

Storage on the digital photo frame is either a compact flash or SD card.

To be honest, it looks like one killer photo frame with a lot more fancy features then the rest. Of course, a lot of people are content with just the one picture on the wall. Should you like to mess around and change the scenery then this could be for you.

3 versions of the frame are available which are 2 at 7″ which display 480 x 270 pixels and an 8″ version at 800 x 600 pixels. The difference between the 2 7″ frame is that one has an external wi-fi antenna.

Prices range from $149.99 – $269.99.

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