EleeNo WebTime Watch

EleeNo WebTime Watch
The WebTime Elite is the latest from the guys over at TokyoFlash. The watch is hand made (100%) using solid stainless steel and has resin inlays. It comes in 2 colours which are Aqua Blue and Satsuma which in its self is a very different set of colours to your average watch. The watch will fit a wrist size up to 205mm and the case has dimensions of 34mm x 35mm x 8mm. It weighs 130g.

Citizen is responsible for how the time is displayed. As can be expected, the watch has a unique way of displaying time. This time it is a bunch of lines which intersects number markings. The lines are shaped like a web which I assume is where the name WebTime came from. The battery will power this device for 4 years which is not bad at all.

Another feature of this watch is a unique butterfly clasp which creates a seamless look on the back of the strap to make it look like just 1 continuous strap.

The watch costs about $123.33.

Via: TokyoFlash

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