ElectraShield In-line Laptop Surge Protector

electrashield-laptop-surge-protectorIf you’ve ever had a power supply on your computer die, thanks to a surge in power, then you are probably aware of the damage that can be caused.

This little gadget is an in-line laptop surge protector called ElectraShield. ElectraShield sits in between your PSU and the wall socket and protects your laptop from any sort of power spike that could cause damage to your power supply.

The company who make ElectraShield are so confident that it will fulfil it’s task that they also include a $5000 connected equipment warranty. The in-line surge protector is shown as active when the red light is lit. If the light is not lit and power is switched on then it’s time to replace it.


2 versions of ElectraShield for laptops are available. Each cost $9.95 and the different versions are 2 and 3 pronged depending on the type of connector that is needed to connect from the wall.

Each version is available from X-Treme Geek.

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