Einstein Project Newton Emulator for iPhone

The Einstein Project is expanding further and will be soon pushing out a Newton OS emulator app for the iPhone. The Einstein Project has been running since 2004 and has a goal of bringing the Newton OS (from Apple) on to various platforms. As the iPhone is believed by some to be the grandson of the Newton, it kind of makes sense that the old Newton OS should be made compatible with the iPhone.

The team behind it has managed to get it working (as seen in the video below). The Newton OS on iPhone is running a little slow at the moment although speed increases are expected over the coming months.

We also hear that Newton OS will be made compatible with the iPod touch and iPad through emulation. It isn’t clear if Apple [AAPL] will approve the app, and it is likely that they might not. However, if it does go ahead then it would be worth grabbing it just for fun and to see how the old Apple tablet worked around 20 years ago.

If you can’t wait and want to use it now then the source code is available to download although you’ll obviously need to know what to do with the source code to get it running on your iOS based device.


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