Efergy Energy Meter

The Efergy energy meter is the perfect idea which allows you to monitor closely how much electricity you are using or wasting. The Efergy comes in 3 parts. The first is the clip which wraps around your mains cable. This clip attaches to what appears to be a transmitter which transmits to a wireless display. Information on the screen is updated every six seconds and allows you to see what effect leaving a light on has or using the kettle. By monitoring closely what happens when you switch various items on and off you get a better picture of what to leave off when not needed.

The Efergy currently costs £43 with the code Offer07 when ordering from Efergy. Installation is also easy as you simply just wrap the clip around a mains cable which can be done with in 30 seconds. Once done, you are ready to go.

I wouldn’t mind testing this device out over a few months to see if it makes me more aware of what power I am wasting. I wonder how quick the £43 would pay for it’s self in smaller electricity bills.

Via: TheGadgetBlog and Tech.

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