ECCO GPS Tracker Keychain

ECCO-GPS-TrackerIf you have a bad memory and struggle to remember exactly where you parked your car then this GPS Tracker keychain will help you out. The small device is called ECCO and has a GPS chip built in. The tracker allows you to push a button to memorise exactly where you parked your car. When you are ready to return you simply push a button and it points you in the right direction.

Firebox (where it is available for £69.95) describe it as a hi-tech breadcrumb trail without the breadcrumbs.

The system is good at guiding you back from a maximum distance of 9,999 miles (which covers the globe really) and is accurate to 10 meters at which point they mention that if you can’t spot your car from 10 meters away then you have a problem.

GPS Tracker Features:

* Tracks up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds.
* Tracking distance up to 9999 miles.
* Store up to 3 locations (car, tent, hotel, etc).
* Rechargeable battery USB connection at home, computer, or in your car.
* Highly sensitive GPS receiver provides faster acquisition times and improved tracking capabilities.
* Built in electronic compass that provides bearing information while you’re standing still, always pointing you in the general direction.
* Display directional arrow, direction and distance counts down as you move closer to your saved location and counts up as you move farther away.
* No service fees.
* Global range.
* Smallest personal GPS system that fits on a keychain.


Via: Zath

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