EB710 Colour eBook Reader

The EB710 is a colour eBook reader that features a 7 inch TFT colour screen that is capable of displaying 800 x 480 pixels.

The manufacturer is believed to be NSECO who I don’t believe I have heard of before. Either way, the device looks quite interesting and certainly has a unique user interface from looking at the picture above.

As well as being able to read ebooks on the device, MP3 and video playback is possible. A USB 2.0 connector can be found on the device although there is no mention of wireless of 3G connectivity in the specifications.

Battery life isn’t mentioned although we do know it runs a 2100mAh battery which should be good for a few hours of reading at least.

I’m not convinced it will be a Kindle killer by any means, but if they price it up right we could be looking at a decent eBook reader here that could sell quite well.

Via: Coated

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