EasyBloom Plant Sensor

easybloom-helps-your-garden-growThe EasyBloom is a plant sensor that can be used to monitor the ground in any location, both indoor and outdoor.

easybloom-helps-your-garden-growThe sensor tracks details about the soil, stores this information in it’s memory and can then be retrieved by plugging the USB end in to a laptop. If you have plants that are ailing then the EasyBloom plant monitor will give you expert advice to tell you what is wrong and what to do to fix the problem and bring the plant back to full health. Over 5000 plants are stored in the library allowing you to search and find out what’s happening.

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor works on Windows XP and Vista. Mac support will begin in the new year.

EasyBloom Package Includes:

* EasyBloom Plant Sensor
* AAA battery
* USB extension cable
* Stand/hanger
* Set of wall mount hanger
* 2 extra petals
* User Manual
* Quick Start Card

You can pick up an EasyBloom plant sensor at EasyBloom.

Via: LikeCool

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