Early Shipped Motorola DROID X Devices can now be Activated

Last week a system error caused Verizon [VZ] to ship 170 Motorola DROID X smartphones early. The DROID X isn’t being launched till July 15 (another 3 days time). When users received the DROID X, the device couldn’t be activated which meant users had to wait till the official launch to use their new smartphone.

Verizon have now made a change to it’s systems that allows the 170 DROID X users to activate their new phone.

In an announcement on the Verizon site it said that provisions had been put in place that allow DROID X users to activate as of July 9.

Let us know if you were one of the lucky 170 customers to get the phone early. If so, did activation go smoothly when you got it?

Via: Droid-Life


  1. Kevin Lee says

    I’m one of the 170 that got theirs. I have to say the Droid X is hands-down the best phone out in U.S.

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