Early Reports Indicate Android Outsells Windows Phone 7 15:1

Some reports from a retailer in the UK indicate that Windows Phone 7 sales have been disappointingly slow accounting for just three percent of the companies sales.

The figure reveals that Android devices are selling at about 15:1 compare to WP7 and when compared to Symbian^3, that ratio is 3:1 in favor of Symbian^3 on the one handset.

The competitors wouldn’t give numbers but noted that the WP7 devices “are not selling” and instead pointed to the BlackBerry, HTC’s Android devices and the iPhone as the ones in strong demand. Despite its stature, Carphone Warehouse had no WP7 phones on display and said it “might have one in the back,” according to one visit.

Although it’s certainly interesting to read up about this, one thing to notice is that the numbers are not official and only represent a stores data.

AT&T on the other hand has indicated that sales have gone well in the US. We’ll need to look back in a few months time when more devices have launched to see if WP7 will be a success.

Via: Electronista


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