DuPont print 50 Inch OLED Screen in Under 2 Minutes

DuPont is working on new methods to speed up the process of printing OLED screens. Progress seems to be heading in the right direction as the company has now announced that a 50 inch OLED panel was printed in less than two minutes.

The main problem with OLED screens is the high price to manufacture them. Some top end mobile phones already use OLED screens, but when screens are increased to home viewing size the costs go out of the roof. With DuPont working on a system to mass produce the screens quickly, we should see costs lower.

‘OLED displays are in portable devices available in the market today, but the current high-cost of manufacturing with evaporated materials has limited market adoption, and constrained OLED manufacturing for larger size displays, said David B. Miller, president DuPont Electronics & Communications. ‘Now, with DuPont printed OLED materials and process technology, fabrication costs can be significantly reduced, and manufacturing can be scaled to accommodate TV-size displays.

As well as having a quicker printing process, DuPont has also managed to increase the reliability allowing their OLED screens to function for 15 years if used for about 8 hours a day.

Printed devices using the DuPont process have reliably achieved lifetimes to 50 percent of initial luminance of 29,000 hours for red, 110,000 hours for green and 34,000 hours for blue at typical television brightness levels.

We hope to see more progress in these areas over the coming years to further lower the price of OLED manufacturing.

Via: SlashGear

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