DuoSense Touchscreen Controller – 10+ Touch Points

Fujitsu and N-Trig have teamed up to created a new touchscreen controller named DuoSense. The display is multitouch and will allow for 10 or more simultaneous touch points at very high refresh rates. Like it’s predecessor (also named the DuoSense) this controller also uses capacitive touch making it possible to use both pen and fingers if needed. The display is transparent and sits on top of your display. The electronics needed to run the DuoSense are tucked around the edge of the frame.

This technology is going to be fantastic to use when Windows 7 launches in August as it has native multitouch support built in to the operating system. By adding this capacitive touch screen on to a netbook or tablet PC you then have the ability to use all the multitouch features of Windows 7.

The partnership between N-Trig and Fujitsu will have Fujitsu building the hardware that N-Trig have designed. I hope to see more of N-Trig over these next few years as they could make some very interesting touchscreen devices.

The video below shows the previous DuoSense and how it works…

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