DUO for Laptop – Touchscreen Mod

duo-digital-laptop-touchscreenPen and Free are a company who have launched the Duo. The Duo is a device that you attach to the top of the screen that allows you to use your laptop, or PC as a tablet.

The Duo requires a stylus to function correctly. In the initial setup you let the device know what part of the screen is to function as a tablet PC. The Laptop Duo version works with screens up to 15.4 inches in size while the PC version for monitors can see screen sizes up to 22″.

If you are looking for tablet features on your regular laptop then this could be ideal considering the cheap price that it is available for! Well worth the money I think.

The Duo costs $44 and more details can be found over here.

Via: CrunchGear


  1. Ricky Catto says

    I just got a touch screen for my LCD for like ZAR1150 which is about $150. This is so much cooler.

  2. can someone tell me where i can buy the duo for monitor? i can only find them on ebay….

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