Ducati RC Motorcycle with Leaning Rider

ducati_rc_motorcycle_bike_animThis bike is an RC motorcycle built to look just like a Ducati at a scale of 1:12. It features auto stabilization to prevent it from falling over, has a fully proportional digital control with working suspension.

The interesting thing with this bike is the rider. He actually turns his head and leans in to every turn. It’s not just a cosmetic function though and the leaning motion actually helps the bike while going through turns.

RC Motorcycle Product Features

* 1:12 Scale R/C Motorcycle features amazing detail and a animated rider who leans into each turn
* Fully assembled and ready to race
* Comes with everything needed including Motorcycle, Rider, Controller and Charger
* Full Function Digital proportional control
* Auto Stable technology for balancing
* Adjustable acceleration curve
* Adjustable braking
* 6 minutes race time, 20 minutes charge time
* 27Mhz Frequency
* 4.8 V Ni-MH Battery
* Requires 4 x AA Batteries for Controller (not included)
* Includes 120V AC wall adapter
* Motorcycle is 6.75″ in length

Available from ThinkGeek costing $59.99.


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