Dual-Screen Kno Tablet Begins Shipping Today

The dual-screened Kno Tablet will be shipping today to those that got a pre-order in for it.

The tablet has two screens that each measure 14.1 inches each although there is a 14.1 inch single screen version also being made available.

Price wise, Kno expect students (who the tablet is targeted at), to pay up to $900 for the dual screen version.

The Kno Tablet is a little different to other tablets and has the large screens to allow students to see the full page of a text book on the screen without having to scroll and pan around. As well as showing the whole text book, the software allows for users to scribble notes in the margins as well as add highlighting to text books just like you would in a normal text book.

The dual-screen version of the Kno lets a document be read on one screen while taking notes on the second screen.

As for numbers of pre-orders being made, the company is very quiet about it and have only said that the dual-screen version is selling twice the amount of the single version which could mean 1000 to 2000 or even just 10 to 20.

Expect to see some reviews pop up over the next few days although Kno is not letting reviewers publish opinions at the moment for some reason.

Via: Business Insider

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