Dual-Core Samsung Galaxy 2 Hinted

@eldarmurtazin is a fairly reliable source when it comes to new smartphones. One of the latest tweets he send out mentioned that he had the chance to look at both the Sony Ericsson Anzo and a Samsung Galaxy 2 smartphone.

The Sony Ericsson Anzo was said to be “nice” but he then went on to say that the Galaxy 2 was technically advanced and hinted at it being a dual-core device.

The Samsung Galaxy 2 is also known as the i9100. The screen is said to be improved over the original Super AMOLED on the Galaxy S. We also hear that this particular smartphone could arrive in the first quarter of 2011.

At this point, it seems like Android 2.3 could be running on the device and that Google [GOOG] have chosen Samsung to be the lead device on the roll out of Android 2.3 which is expected any time soon. Perhaps we might see the Galaxy 2 in time for Christmas. We’ll certainly keep an eye on this one as a dual-core processor and a better than Galaxy S screen certainly gets our attention.

Via: Android and Me

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