Dual Touchscreen Tablet – Harlequin

Dual-Touch-Screen-TabletA user over on the MyDellMini forums has created a dual touchscreen netbook by using a Dell Mini 9 netbook and a 9″ USB DisplayLink monitor and connecting them together.

The device is the Harlequin Project and was designed to experiment with a dual touchscreen user interface (ie, similar to the Microsoft Courier) as well as design testing.

The Harlequin works as it is now and has Windows 7 installed which can detect both screens and the touchscreen overlays without issues except there are still some calibration issues on the second monitor.

The project is almost working and when the second touchscreen is successfully calibrated a casing will then be designed and laser cut along with hinges attached that allow the dual screen touchscreen tablet to open up 180 degrees.

The project has been running for a few months now, but the latest details and picture shows Windows 7 booting successfully along with showing websites on the left screen and some pen input along with a keyboard on the right screen along with a physical USB keyboard also being attached.

Full details of the project can be found over here.



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