DropBox Updates Bring New Features to iOS, Android and BlackBerry

DropBox is a very handy service that allows you to easily transfer files and documents between your desktop and a mobile device. When you drop files in to the folder on a desktop the file is automatically synchronised to an online service which the mobile apps can then sync with and grab files such as PDF’s and photos as and when needed.

Over 2 million users are now using the service. The API the DropBox also uses has enabled over 100 mobile apps to utilise the services also.

New features in the updates are listed below…

‘Dropbox offers a common thread that ties all of these systems together, making important files and data immediately available regardless of device. Not only does this make the individual devices more useful, but this helps enable the broader industry transition towards mobile phones and tablets.’ says co-founder Drew Houston.

New Dropbox for BlackBerry: The company has announced the general availability of Dropbox for BlackBerry, bringing file access and viewing directly to the popular line of smart phones. Available for free via RIM’s AppWorld.

New release of Dropbox for iPhone and iPad: Available for immediate download are new versions of the popular Dropbox apps for iPad and iPhone. With new iOS release of Dropbox, users will have new features and performance enhancements, including automatic offline caching for frequently accessed files, support for HD video and high-resolution photo capture, numerous user interface enhancements including a new home screen and process display, full screen landscape document viewing on iPad and the support for multitasking to allow files to upload in the background. This update is available for free via Apple’s App Store.

New release of Dropbox for Android: Available for download via Google’s App Market, Dropbox for Android has been enhanced with support for photo galleries and multi-photo upload, ability to automatically send file to Dropbox from other apps, progress bar and notifications for file transfers, the ability to place a shortcut to a folder on the Android home screen, and other new features and fixes.

New Dropbox App Directory: To make it easier to find and evaluate the over 60 partner applications that are built with the Dropbox API, there is a new Dropbox partner app directory now available at . This directory features app information, screenshots and reviews from some of the most popular productivity app providers.

Via: BGR and Geeky Gadgets

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