Dropbox 2.0 Android Download Released

Dropbox 2.0 for Android is now ready for download. The new app has been completely redesigned and now has more new features than before. Some of these features include the ability to star items to keep them stored locally on a device and on to Ice Cream Sandwich support.

With Dropbox on smartphones and tablets the system doesn’t download all your files by default. The system works by giving you a list of contents in each of the directories and each time you click to open a file it is downloaded from the service. The new version of the software uses a star system so that you can easily flag files as favourite. When doing this, these files are stored on the smartphone.

File renaming has been included in version 2.0 and simply allows you to change the file name and folder names within your dropbox account (something iOS devices cannot easily do).

Bulk upload is another inclusion and does as the name suggests… lets you upload a group of files at once rather than one by one.

All files and folder actions are available from a single tap.

Overall, it’s a welcomed update to the Android version of dropbox. You can grab the app in the Android Market now and signup for a Dropbox account over here if you don’t have one already.

For those unaware of what Dropbox actually does, it lets you store files in the cloud so that they can be accessed by any device. Should you edit a spreadsheet at the office, the same updated spreadsheet will be waiting for you in a folder at home. Any changes to that spreadsheet at home are replicated back across to other devices connected to the account. If a computer is damaged then all you do to get your files back is install dropbox, login and your files are copied back over to you.


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