DROID ERIS Update Landing July 16 OTA – Not Android 2.2

HTC DROID ERIS users can expect to start seeing an OTA (over the air) update notice starting July 16. The update will be rolled out over the following week and will bring a few new features to the old ERIS Android smartphone.

The downside here is that it’s not Android 2.2 that is being released. From what we see over on Droid Life, the update just brings a few enhancements to the smartphone which include improved audio, enhanced speed dial, improved text, video and picture messaging as well as some tweaks to some of the features.

The update will take the ROM to version 2.37.605.4 and the Radio to

It isn’t clear if any more updates will follow at a later date other than a few enhancements, but I am sure ERIS users would gladly welcome Android 2.2 if HTC were to offer it.



    • It actually fixed alot on my eris. When VZW and HTC released 2.1 for the Eris they knew it wasnt ready but we (Eris owners/users) begged for that update. So we all got the in complete version lol, the Eris may be getting 2.2 but we arent sure. The only way to get 2.2 is through root…which is now legal lol

  2. That’s not what the verizon email says. The email shows that they’re sending out the same 2.1 update as last time.

  3. avid eris user says

    I just got the update this morning. Took about 10 minutes and so far the audio does seem much better. Both incoming call volume and the speakerphone volume have increased and the quality of music is better. Hopefully I’d fixed that awful “silent” bug! That will take time to test out though.

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