DROID Eris to get Android 2.1 Update by end of May

The DROID Eris is likely to get an update bringing the smartphone up to Android 2.1 by the end of this month.

The information comes from the support page for the DROID Eris where a mention of Android is detailed. No specific version is mentioned although delving in to the changelog it is clear to see that everything mentioned is included in Android 2.1.

On the support pages for the DROID Eris there has been no specific date mentioned although various people have indicated that the smartphone will get the update by the end of this month.

The DROID Eris has previously received an Android 2.1 update although back in March when we first mentioned it, it was an unofficial update which users had managed to hack together to get it to work. We also heard back in February that the DROID Eris was due to get an OTA Android 2.1 update although nothing came of this till now.

The DROID Eris first launched in November alongside the Motorola DROID. Due to Verizon pushing the DROID from Motorola, the Eris kind of took a back seat. It was viewed as being the lower spec model in that it ran Android 1.5 rather than Android 2.0 like the Motorola version. This meant at the time that Google Maps Navigation couldn’t be installed. With the announcement that the Eris is getting Android 2.1, it certainly brings it up to speed with what it will be capable of.

Via: BGR

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