Droid Eris Getting Android 2.1 OTA

Users on various forums are reporting that their Droid Eris Android phones are starting to receive OTA (over the air) updates bringing the Android version up to the long awaited 2.1. The update also includes the Sense UI from what users are saying.

However, there are problems in some cases with the updates with a few users saying that the update has completely wiped their phone while others are reporting that they are unable to log in to Google once the phone has been updated.

What we recommend you do is sit tight for a day or so to hear for other users thoughts on the updates. If you find that you can’t wait then I recommend making a quick backup of your phone data so you can restore everything when needed if all goes wrong.

For more details on the update you can check out Android Central who first spotted a number of users updating. Also users in various forums such as Android Forums can be found who have already gone through the update process. Good luck if you do an update. Let us know below if you see any problems.

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