Droid X Android 2.2 Update Causing Music and Ringtone Issues

The Android 2.2 update for Motorola DROID X users went live recently. However, since the roll out it appears that some users are having problems with music and ringtones on the Droid X.

It seems like its a small set of users experiencing the problem rather than a high percentage. Right now Verizon has only said that they are looking in to it when asked.

As its a small percentage, we assume that most users are having no problems at all with the update and that all things went swimmingly.

If we hear anything else about this we’ll post an update. If you are affected by the problem then we suggest you contact support to see what they advise you do to correct the problem.

Via: Android Police


  1. I been having those problems and issues with my gmail notifications. Seems like nothing wants to sync.

  2. Im having problems loading my music and my camera isnt working. Help please.

  3. You can assume all you want, the fact is many people are having the same issue. I don’t know how you come up with a “Small Percent” have this trouble?? I will be calling Verizon tomorrow to voice my complaint.
    I lose media, ringtones at least once a day and have to reboot.

  4. If you’re having issues specific to music / ringtone issues: please join our discussion.

    Again ONLY people having music / ringtone issues after the 2.2 update!

  5. Yes, having similar issues. Ringtones stop working and go to some type of default sound. If you select a MP3 for your alarm clock sound the alarm goes completely silent and you never hear anything. Sometimes in the music player the song will just not play. Usually, if you power off the Phone, when you power it back on everything will work correctly again, but it is not a permanant fix, sometimes less then a day and it’s doing the same thing again.

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