Droid X Android 2.2 Update Could Arrive Next Week

We are hearing some rumours today that Droid X will get an Android 2.2 update next week. As well as Droid X getting the update, we hear that the HTC Droid Incredible and the Motorola DROID will also get the update at the same time.

Although we say it’s a rumour, the tipster who sent a message to Android Spin, says that this is not a rumour, but confirmed.

The “rumour” also says that Android 2.2 FroYo will be pushed out simultaneously to both the HTC and Motorola devices beginning August 6 which is a week on Friday. The update will finish rolling out by August 15 a couple of weeks later.

We obviously cannot confirm if this will happen or not till HTC and Motorola (or Verizon) announce it, or until it happens. But, it’s about time we started seeing some other smartphones getting Android 2.2 and now is as good of a time than any.


  1. Just received word from motorola that the 2.2 update are supposed to be rolled out already. Now weather or not thats true. Motorola said the droid x devices were supposed to already receive the update. If u ask me i do not think they know what they are talking about. From what i have seen on different forums the release is supposed to come out early sep. Just have to wait and find out

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