Drobo FS File Sharing Solution for Home and Office

The Drobo FS is a device that allows you to easily share files amongst people on a home or office network. The Drobo FS was built with the purpose of delivering the best file sharing experience for home and office users.

‘This is the decade of being connected, no matter where you are or what kind of data you are storing. The Drobo FS was designed to best serve the needs of our customers with file sharing needs from small offices and home offices to connected homes

BeyondRAID technology has been built in to the Drobo FS providing protection for data stored within the device. Up to five hard drives can be installed on the device and if configured in a RAID format, it allows for up to two simultaneous drive failures keeping data safe on the other three drives.

Depending on the configuration, up to 10TB of data can be stored in the Drobo FS. Features are as follows…

* Plug In and Share: The Drobo FS connects directly to any Gigabit Ethernet network for a true plug in and share set-up experience.
* 5-Drive Capacity and Instant Expansion to 10TB and Beyond: With Drobo FS, expansion is automatic, instantaneous, and access to data is always maintained.
* Single- and Dual-Drive Redundancy: The Drobo FS dual drive redundancy option protects against the simultaneous failure of up to two hard drives.
* Self-Healing Technology: With BeyondRAID, the Drobo FS continually examines data blocks and sectors on each drive to flag potential issues.
* Customisable Storage: Utilising the growing library of DroboApps, including media and web applications, users can customise the Drobo FS to further enhance their sharing experience.

The drive is available now costing £469 ex VAT in the UK for the basic model going up to £969 for the 10TB model that comes supplied with 5x 2TB drives.

Via: CG and Business Wire

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