Driver gets a Hands-On Preview

driver4If you were a fan of Driver on the original Playstation then the great game is on it’s way to the iPhone.

According to the developers Gameloft, the game is coming to the iPhone with amazing physics along with fully revamped graphics and will launch next month.

The game sees you play as an underground NYPD detective who has impressive driving skills that won him the challenge of infiltrating the bad guys.

It will be interesting to see how the iPhone handles the 3D aspect of the game and how good game play is with touchscreen controls. From the pictures it does look like an improvement to what the PS1 offered a number of years ago. This is thanks to re-rendered textures and graphics.

Playing the game uses a virtual joystick or d-pad along with onscreen buttons. The game as a whole has kept the good things of the PS1 version and improved upon the bad things of the original, hopefully meaning a top game for the iPhone.

The game is currently pending at Apple [AAPL] and just waiting for approval (hopefully) to be introduced in to the app store.


Via: TouchArcade

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