Dopod Offers Free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade

Dopod P800W
For those of you owning a Dopod 838Pro, D810, P800W and U1000 models you are now able to migrate from the Mobile 5 OS to the latest Windows Mobile 6 OS. There is no charge for this upgrade and it applies to all current owners of the devices. A download of the OS will be made available in July 2007 allowing you to upgrade to the latest.

‘This upgrade from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6 will enable our users of 838Pro, D810, P800W and U1000 to enjoy improved usability, and for our business users to better manage their business information which is based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. This will also allow our customers to continue to stay connected through our innovative and powerful products, said Jack Tong, CEO of Dopod International Corp.

This is a smart move in my opinion and helps keep those customers happy. I know when I purchased my iPaq 5450 a few years back I had to pay for the upgrade so I could use Skype software… Having the option to download it for free would have made me want to stick with HPs products.

Via: Mobile88


  1. good idea

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