Do These iPhone 5 Cases Reveal the New Design?

Every single launch of a new Apple product always brings with it the question of what the new device will look like. Some rumours hint at the new iPhone 5 keeping the same design as the iPhone 4 while other rumours hint at an iPad 2 style back along with it being shorter, slimmer and having a larger screen.

Some screen shots found earlier now hint at a new design. Take a look below to see what you think:

What you are looking at is perhaps a concept idea of what Case-Mate thinks the iPhone 5 could look like although Apple is also believed to hand out dimensions and blueprints prior to launch so that case makers can get products ready for launch.

If the cases are correct, we could see a flat back device with tapered edges similar to the iPad 2. The images also hint at the iPhone 5 having a metalic back although the iPhone 5 within will be just a concept rendering.

This isn’t evidence that this is what the iPhone 5 will look like although it has a slim chance of being the real deal here.

One thing to point out is that Case-Mate has now removed the iPhone 5 case from its gallery of cases.


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