D-Link myPocket 3.5G Router

D-Link have created the myPocket HSDPA/HSUPA Router that allows connections to quad-band GSM/EDGE networks as well as WCDMA bands I, II and V. Having connectivity to these networks allows it to work both in the US as well as many parts of the world.

The myPocket Router utilises a SIM card to connect to networks and is powered by battery and charged by USB. Up to 16 users are able to connect up to the myPocket Router wirelessly although you can also use it for 1 user as a wired USB modem if needed.

The unit it’s self measures 2″ x 1.5″ by 0.3″ and weighs 2.6 ounces without the battery installed. For those who want a portable wireless network connecting up to various wireless carriers the myPocket Router from D-Link looks to be a sound option. It has just cleared the FCC and is expected 2Q of this year costing $256 when launched.

Via: WirelessGoodness

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