DIY Fog Screen

diy_fog_screenFog Screen’s have been around for a while. They work by making a wall of fog and then a projector throws an image on to the fog. The finer you can get the fog the better the image appears.

This custom built fog screen uses drinking straws and a fan to make the screen and a projector throws an image of an animated eye on to that fog.

The normal method to get a thin layer of fog is to inject it in between two sheets of air. However, as this is a DIY project on a shoe string budget the fog was injected in to a single airstream. By using fog from a regular smoke machine that is pushed down a tube that is frozen in ice. This cools the fog to a temperature suitable for the purpose needed.

It’s not a bad attempt and we look forwards to Steve’s attempts next year. Check out the video below.

Via: SlashGear

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