DIY Eee PC Touch-screen

touch_screen_kitThis little kit allows you to create your own DIY touch-screen for an Asus Eee 900 series laptop or an Acer Aspire One Laptop. No soldering is needed to connect the screen up.

diy-eee-pc-touchscreenWith it being solder-less it should be fairly straight forwards to install, although it does look like the laptops do need to be opened up… so watch your warranty. The panel costs $96. Unfortunately there are no reviews yet to see if it’s actually any good. As soon as there are we will be sure to post those findings and let you know if you should spend that cash on one of these.

Asus Eee PC Touch-Screen Features

* 4-Wire Analog Resistive Screen
* Touch Screen Response Time <10ms
* High Transmittance >85%
* 25 Points Linearity Position with Edge Compensation
* 3 Additional USB2.0 Ports for Future Modification Plans
* Supports Windows, Mac and Linux Drivers
* Supports 11 Languages for Windows

Via: Engadget, LaptopPimp and TodayGadgets

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