Digital Photo Frame with Built in Scanner

Scanning-Digital-Photo-FrameThis digital photo frame not only displays photos but also has a scanner built in allowing you to scan old prints and display them on the screen.

The scanning part of the photo frame is capable of capturing images at 300 dpi. The display part of the digital photo frame measures 8 inches and can display images at an 800 x 600 pixel resolution.

For storage the photo frame has 1GB of internal memory that is capable of storing around 3,000 scanned or transferred images.

As well as display pictures you have scanned or transferred via USB to the frame the device can also playback MPEG files as well as MP3 files. Memory can be expanded by using MS/SD/xD/MMC or CF type cards as well as being able to accept a USB connection from your computer.

Overall it’s a fairly standard photo frame that comes supplied with a remote control as well as Pict-Bridge software so you can transfer files from your camera more easily to the frame. The only major difference is that it has an attached scanner.

The digital photo frame and scanner combo is available at Hammacher costing $200.

Via: TechChee

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