Digital eBook Reader Concept

Karim Zaouai has created an eBook reader concept that has dual screens that use eInk technology. The video below shows the device being used with the content of the pages being manipulated by controls on the device.

The video doesn’t show a real product and instead, looks to superimpose images of an eBook reader on the device to give you an idea of what the concept is about.

If the product ever makes it to production, it is expected that it will have wireless capabilities to download books to the internal storage.

There looks to be no touchscreen implemented on this concept either. Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration of how the dual-screened device might work…

Via: HardwareSphere


  1. That’s quite the screen refresh rate if they plan to implement a transition from one side of the screen to the other for pages. (the right to left page slide at 19 seconds.) current e-ink displays do an in-out fade… no fancy transitions. Would be cool if they could get that and this concept to work!

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