Digital Cowboy NAS

The Digital Cowboy DC-MCNAS1 is a NAS that brings a lot of features to what normally is a pretty standard device.

The DC-MCNAS1 can almost do everything from what we see including the ability for BitTorrent, acting as a Printer Server, handling DNS, FTP, Php, MySQL, Free DDNs, Web Server, iTunes Music Server UPnP, Jumbo Frame and it also features RAID 1 and JBOD with a dual 3.5″ HDD bay.

Most NAS devices simply store files on a network, so all the extra features certainly do turn it in to a handy device to have on your network.

The device has an OXE8xx CPU and runs 128mb of memory along with 4MB of flash. Full details of the NAS are available at Digital Cowboy.

Via: Akihabara

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