Best Digital Cameras April 2010

Amazon keep a running list of the best digital cameras in terms of what sells the most. The list starts off with a couple of point and shoot cameras and is then followed by a Digital SLR camera followed by another P&S and then another DSLR. The list is updated hourly providing a fairly accurate result set of what’s running at a good price at the moment.

Lets take a quick look at the list and see what the best digital cameras are that have been selling at the moment.

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS 12.1 Mega pixel – 3X Optical Zoom

The Canon PowerShot range of cameras have been around since 1995 surprisingly. The range of cameras from Canon have always been a good seller and the latest camera is the Canon PowerShot SD780 IS. This particular camera has a 12.1 megapixel sensor along with 3X optical zoom.

The optical zoom lens also has Optical Image Stabilisation providing clear images even when there is slight camera shake. This camera is also capable of capturing movies in HD format at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. A HDMI output is provided on the camera allowing it to be connected up to your HDTV to playback images and movies.

On the back of the camera a 2.5 inch PureColor LCD II screen can be found. The screen is in a widescreen aspect. Features included in the camera are face detection and Smart AUTO that can adjust settings according to the surrounding light situations enabling the best capture. More features are also included such as the DIGIC 4 image processor that provides fast autofocus allowing images to be captured quickly. To store images the camera requires SD/SDHC, MMC/MMC Plus/HC MMC Plus. You will need to buy a memory card separately as one is not provided in the box.

Buy_NowFull details of the camera can be found over at Amazon where the camera costs $174.95 at the moment.

Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS 10 Megapixel 3X Optical Zoom

Second in the best digital cameras list is the Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS. This camera is slightly lower spec than the top PowerShot camera in that it has a smaller sensor that can capture images at 10 megapixels. However, the 3X optical zoom is present in this camera as well as image stabilisation to provide clearer images.

The camera has a 2.5 inch PureColor LCD II screen. Images are captured and processed by the DIGIC 4 image processor that uses evolved face detection technology (basically it can put a square box around the subjects head and follow them around), and it uses Smart AUTO to choose the correct settings for any given shot.

As with the previous PowerShot, this version of the point and shoot camera uses SD/SDHC, MMC/MMC Plus/HC MMC Plus memory cards which again, are not included with the purchase of the camera.

The camera is similar to the camera in the number 1 spot other than it’s smaller sensor which also drops the ability to capture in HD with this camera only being capable of 640×480 video capture. On the positive side, the camera does come at a good price of $149.00.

Buy_NowThe $149.00 represents a 17% saving on the full price.

Canon Digital Rebel XSi DSLR

The next camera on the list is the first Digital SLR camera. This device is also a Canon this time being the Canon Digital Rebel XSi. The camera has a 12.2 megapixel CMOS sensor. On the back it has a 3.0 inch LCD display. The interchangeable lens supplied with the camera is the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS zoom lens allowing for some fairly decent shots to be captured.

This particular camera uses the DIGIC III image processor that also provides fast image processing, improved autofocus and fast frame rates. The DSLR can store images on either SD or SDHC memory cards again, which are not included.

The step up from point and shoot to Digital SLR is for those wanting to take photography to the next level. By having interchangeable lenses and more options on the camera, it allows for a larger variety of images to be captured. The Canon Digital Rebel cameras have always been good sellers and for an entry level camera, you wont go far wrong with this one.

Buy_NowThe Canon Digital Rebel XSi currently costs $549 with the lens mentioned above. The price has been dropped from $649.00.

Canon PowerShot S90

Next in the list is surprisingly another PowerShot point and shoot camera. The S90 has a 10 megapixel sensor. The S90 has an improved zoom over the previous PowerShot cameras mentioned above that reaches to 3.8x optical. This also includes the Canon Optical Image stabiliser as the previous cameras also have. The lens also is bright at f/2.0 providing good quality images in darker situations. The lens is also wide-angle allowing for more of the scene to be captured in a single frame.

The camera uses the DIGIC 4 image processor like the previous models that allows for fast autofocus and accurate image processing to be performed.

This particular camera is also capable of capturing not only JPEG images, but RAW also allowing for the settings of the image to be processed in software such as Photoshop where the brightness, contract and other settings can be modified manually to get a better exposure.

Images on the Canon S90 are captured to either SD or SDHC memory cards (again, not included).

Buy_NowThe Canon PowerShot S90 costs $373.54 currently.

Canon PowerShot SX20IS with 20X Optical Zoom

If you are after a more powerful digital camera, but don’t want to take the leap to a fully fledged Digital SLR camera then the Canon PowerShot SX20IS is an excellent option. This camera bridges the gap between a point & shoot and DSLR. It offers an impressive 20x optical zoom allowing you to get close in on shots from a distance away.

The 20X optical zoom lens also has optical image stabilisation built in. This camera has a 12.1 megapixel sensor and does allow for HD video to be captures in a 720p resolution (with stereo sound). A HDMI port is also included allowing it to hook up to a HDTV.

The screen is articulating and measures 2.5 inches. The movement of the screen allows you to capture images in awkward angles such as high up or around tight bends and still be able to look at the screen and what you are capturing.

Smart AUTO is also built in to this camera that selects automatically from 22 predefined shooting situations and calculates the best settings for you. The camera uses the DIGIC 4 image processor like the other PowerShot cameras. This allows for the faster autofocus and accurate image processing.

This camera is also powered by AA batteries that are included in the price although as with the others, you’ll need to buy your own SD/SDHC memory card although a decent capacity card is still relatively cheap.

Buy_NowThe camera cost $369.

It was surprising to see the best digital cameras (according to sales) are dominated by Canon cameras, and specifically with 4 of the 5 being PowerShot cameras. Now, this doesn’t mean particularly that other makes of camera are bad such as the Nikon, Sony and other models, so take a look at the full list to get an idea of what’s good and select the options that suit you best… ie, do you really need to capture HD video etc…

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