DigiLife DDV-JF1 Pocket HD Camera with Projector

projector-camThe DigiLife DDV-JF1 is a pocket HD camcorder that is unique in that it has a small LED pico sized projector built in to it. The camera can capture 720p HD at 30 frames per second. Lower resolutions can also be set such as 848 x 480 which allows you to bump up the FPS to 60. The DigiLife has a built in 2.5 inch LCD screen for viewing the images or you can opt for the projector which has a 640 x 260 pixel resolution to watch a larger picture on the wall.

The only downside of having a pico projector built in is battery life. It can be assumed that by using the projector the battery life will significantly drop although used on mains power it could be ideal when watching videos of your holidays while still travelling.

No pricing or release dates are available just yet.

Via: Engadget

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