Digg iPhone App Launches

Digg have finally launched their iPhone application that brings the social network to the Apple [AAPL] device.

The application is free to download and can be grabbed from the usual sources (the App Store on the phone or iTunes) and once installed allows you to see all the latest Digg content on your iPhone or iPod Touch device. Although we assume it will work on the Apple iPad resized to fit the screen, it is unclear at the moment if Digg are working on a specific Apple iPad version of the software.

To get started on the application after it is installed you just need to log in with your regular Digg account and once done, you have access to the features that you would be able to use on the full website version along with details of what pages you have digged and those friends you have.

The Digg iPhone App also allows you to bookmark items you stumble across so that you can read them later. Also a function share items with friends is also included where you can send them via Twitter or Facebook.

Available now from the iTunes store.

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