Dictate a Note to Evernote with Siri

Although Siri doesn’t allow any direct 3rd party integration just yet, there are a number of work-arounds that allow you to get data in to other applications. In this case we see Siri being used to put notes in to an Evernote account.

The idea behind it is that you simply use your Evernote email address and store it as a contact on your iPhone. By saying “Send email to Evernote” and then providing a subject and message, you can have an easy way to store notes in your Evernote account. This could be handy for when travelling and using a bluetooth headset. Simply hold down the button on your headset to activate and then dictate a message to be stored for later in Evernote.

If you haven’t used your Evernote email address before (why not??) then you can access it by loading up Evernote and clicking Tools > Account Info. Copy and paste that address in to a new contact called Evernote and each time you tell Siri to send an email to Evernote, it will be automatically pulled in to your default notes folder.


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