Dexim Visible Green Charging Cable for iPhone/iPad

A new charging cable for the iPhone and iPad has launched. This one is a little different as it uses light within the cable to indicate how much a device is charged. The light, blue in colour despite the Green name,
has a moving effect that speeds up or slows down depending upon how much your device is charged. The more empty the battery, the faster the light moves in the cable.

Although this particular cable will charge an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as the same speed as any other USB cable, the lights give it a little more appeal from the usual blank white look that most Apple charging cables have. Most people will not care for fancy lights on a cable, but for those who do, the option is now there for you.

It is available at several locations such as Amazon and costs around $20.

To give you a quick idea of what it looks like when charging, take a look at the embedded video below:


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