Details about Windows Phone 8 Appear

Over the last 24 hours some details of the new Windows Phone 8 operating system have appeared online. The info comes from PocketNow and goes over a number of things such as the hardware as well as integrating with the Windows 8 operating system and how the whole eco system will connect together.

Starting with the hardware, PocketNow suggests that the new version (codenamed Apollo) will support multi-core processors as well as different screen resolutions. Up to 4 resolutions will be made available although it isn’t clear how high those resolutions will be. The next iteration will also have microSD for storage (which will be accessible). NFC is being added so that the device can delve in to the world of contactless payments.

Moving on to Windows 8 integration, what will make this new Windows Phone a lot better is that the desktop and smartphone OS versions will each be able to use the same code in areas. For example, a function written for a desktop app could quite easily be pulled in to Windows 8 Phone. The kernel, networking stacks, security and multimedia functions are what overlap the most.

It appears that ActiveSync might make an appearance as the Zune sync software looks to be phasing out. If not ActiveSync it will work on the same principles in that it will be the way that devices connect together.

100,000 apps are expected to arrive in the app store by the launch of Windows Phone 8 later this year. Although it will likely launch this year, it will be the last quarter meaning Oct, Nov or December… hopefully in plenty of time for the holiday season.

PocketNow has several other details on the OS and what else stands out.

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