Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Revealed

Dell is about to unveil a new Ultrabook called the Dell XPS 13. The new device will be the device that Dell have made that falls in to the Ultrabook category.

The price of the new Ultrabook will start at $999 when it launches and will compete with the likes of the MacBook Air and other similar category devices from the likes of Lenovo and Toshiba.

The XPS 13 Ultrabook was built very slim with a large screen and full sized keyboard. One of the keys of making an Ultrabook is that it is capable of booting up quickly. It uses a solid-state drive.

Although battery life is touted as being good, the XPS 13 has subpar performance according to AllThingsD. It falls a couple of hours short of the MacBook Air in terms of performance.

Full details on the Ultrabook by Dell can be found over on the AllThingsD website.

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