Dell Venue Pro WP7 MicroSD Card Slot – Covered by Warranty Sticker

WMPoweruser has spotted the microSD card slot on the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Unlike some other WP7 devices where the card slot is buried deep within the hardware, Dell has made the microSD card slot some what accessible when only taking the back cover off.

However, there is a snag here in that the microSD card slot is actually covered by a warranty sticker. Basically, that means that if you decide to mess with the microSD card slot and increase the memory capacity of the device, you’ll end up voiding your warranty on the phone.

The image below shows a close up of the card slot its self. It isn’t clear why the warranty should be voided by an act like this, but we guess thats the way it is right now, so proceed with caution if you want to replace and add more memory capacity.

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