Dell Studio XPS now with Intel Core i7 Processors

dell-studio-xps16Dell are now starting to include the Intel Core i7 8200M 1.73GHz processor in their Dell Studio XPS 16 range of notebooks. The Intel Core i7 is touted to be the fastest mobile processor available.

The top end processor gives up to 137% more performance than the Core 2 Duo processors. Also included in the XPS range is a 1GB ATI graphics card that can provide full HD at 1080p on the optional 16″ LED display.

As well as having the optional full HD screen you also can connect the laptop up to a HDMI source such as a projector or large LCD TV. Also included in the Dell Studio XPS 16 is dolby 5.1 surround sound and a backlit keyboard.

More details at UberGizmo.

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