Dell Streak Price Spotted

The Dell Streak price was briefly shown on the Dell site earlier today although Dell has since pulled the page off line.

While the page was up, the pricing for the Streak showed a cost of $299.99 on a two year contract with AT&T [T] with a price tag of $549.99 off contract.

With Dell pulling the page from it’s site, there is a slim chance it could be changed closer to the release date (which is any day now we believe). However, we think the prices will probably stick.

As well as temporarily unveiling the Dell Streak price, the price of the Dell Aero was also spotted with a cost of $99.99 on contract and $299.99 off contract with a launch date of August 9.

We’ll try get more details on this and update as soon as possible.

Via: Engadget


  1. I like this phone/Tablet, but is it only on AT&T the worse telephone company every created or can it be turned on anywhere?

    I mean to me it seems that every good phone for some reason goes to AT&T & come one at least for me if I wanted to go to AT&T, then my choice would be the new IPhone 4.

    Does anybody know if this phone/tablet would work on T-Mobile? Because I can not stand Sprint or AT&T that is why I do not get why they get good phones & Verizon is so high that they just need to start asking everyone to give blood for payment ( he he) -just joking.

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