Dell Streak will Jump direct to Android 2.2 in the US

Over here in the UK, a leaked Android 2.1 firmware was made available to download for the Dell Streak on the O2 network. It isn’t clear at the moment if this is an official ROM that O2 will eventually release, or if it was a test ROM.

Over in the US, it appears that the Dell Streak will skip Android 2.1 and jump straight to Android 2.2. This information comes from a member of staff at Dell who posted an answer on Twitter…

@dzerveviktory Honest answer is that it’s complicated. From the info I have, current plan in the US is to go right to Froyo. #dellstreak

It isn’t clear when this will happen, but hopefully it wont be too far away as many are waiting for some sort of update to the Streak to bring it inline with what the current smartphones offer.

Via: Engadget

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