Dell Streak on AT&T Android 2.2 Update Arrives

The Dell Streak tablet has recently been getting updated to Android 2.2. The roll-out started out for customers who purchased the tablet without a contract. We now hear that those on the AT&T network in the US are now beginning to receive the new Android 2.2 update.

A number of new features are included in Android 2.2 that enhance the user experience on the Dell Streak, mainly with performance increases across the board.

Other features beyond the performance of the device include a new home screen, built in Swype and Dell stage working in both portrait and landscape modes.

If you haven’t received notification just yet you’ll need to wait a little longer. At that point it should be made available.

Via: Geeky Gadgets


  1. Do you know anyone with an att streak that has used the ota upgrade?

  2. Hope you’re not all holding your breath waiting.

    I just hung up with AT&T. First I called Dell, who told me they have the OTA update and are ready to release it but cannot as AT&T has once again delayed it. No one seems to know WHY, just that it has happened.

    So I called AT&T and worked my way 3 levels up the support chain to try and get an answer. Ultimately I was told that no one at AT&T could tell me when it would actually be released. Feeling rather incredulous over that answer, I actually asked “Are you telling me there is no one, in the entire corporate structure of AT&T, who can tell me when they’re going to allow it to be released, and was told “That’s correct”. REALLY?

    When I told them I would have to consider switching carriers and going to someone who COULD support release it, they even offered to talk to billing to eliminate any penalties associated with my doing so. REALLY???

    AT&T is obviously willing to sacrifice customers, or at the very least their customers good will rather than be straight with them.

    This is much the same as when I bought my first iPhone through them over two years ago. A major selling point for me at the time was that the device be able to tether to my laptop. “Well, it doesn’t now, but with the new software release coming out next month it WILL be”. Two and a half years later my iPhone still doesn’t tether (UNLESS I’m willing to drop my unlimited data plan) and now they’re doing the same thing with the FROYO release.

    Once again AT&T has decided to put the screws to their customers and has lied to us all.

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