Dell Streak Android 2.2 Update Arriving November

Those of you in the UK with a Dell Streak will be glad to know that Dell has announced an OTA update for the device that will finally bring Android 2.2 to the tablet.

The update has been given an end of November release date. The following has been said about the update…

“DellStreak will begin a rollout of the 2.2 update OTA before the end of Nov. This is happening over a period of time and staggered by region, starting in the UK.You will receive notification of the update directly on your Streak. If you don’t see it before the end of Nov, please be patient as your build may be happening at a later stage.”

As the update is OTA, it requires no computer although something important to note is that it will wipe the device before installing Android 2.2, so make sure you have a backup of all your files before proceeding.

Expect a notification to arrive on your Streak within the next few weeks.

Via: SlashGear


  1. andrew Hoffman says

    This is great news.I WOULD USEone on data only set-up no phone.

  2. Not true.

    Dell’s Streak Community forum comments clearly show that no-one has found any evidence of anyone anywhere in the world receiving this update.

    The frustration of owners is understandable, after waiting for months for an OS version that itself will soon be replaced, the promised release of Android 2.2 staring 15/11/10 has not materialized.

    Most owners are using Android 1.6 many are experiencing problems such as freezing and spurious shut-downs, while others received the buggy Android 2.1 release that was pulled by Dell due to its disastrous quality.

    It seems likely that the Android 2.2 release was either stopped before it started or quickly pulled as there are no comments from users claiming to have received this eagerly anticipated update in the first three days after its supposed release.

    Don’t waste your time with Dell, they’re clearly not a credible Android equipment supplier if it takes this long to release an update.

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