Dell Streak Android 2.1 Demo Surfaces

Dell has demoed the Dell Streak running Android 2.1. The version of 2.1 has a number of Dell additions to the UI that are currently available in the current Streak Android OS.

However, Kevin Andrew who demoed the device did mention that Android 2.2 will be launched later this year. It isn’t clear if Dell will release Android 2.1 at all for the Streak, but it’s good to see they are at least working on something for the tablet.

The downside here is that there has been no time-line released. We are hoping for sooner rather than later though as will others who own the device.

The video below shows the Dell Streak running Android 2.1. It actually looks to run very smoothly. Live wallpapers are functioning and all the menus look to respond quite well to touch.

Via: Engadget


  1. Wow. Dell is shooting itself in the foot. They need to get the release date straight. All this messing around is turning me off to actually purchasing this product.

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