Dell Mini 12 Discontinued

dell-mini-9It appears that the Dell Mini 12 and Mini 9 have been discontinued. I am guessing the Mini 9 might have just been a tad too small while the Mini 12 was a tad too large for a netbook. Of course I might be completely wrong there.

A quick look over on the Dell site shows that the Mini 12 is not on offer and confirmation from Dell support also says the Mini 9 is being phased out. It’s a shame really as they were quite decent little netbooks. Not to worry though as there are plenty more on the market.

If you visit the Dell site you will spot that the Mini 9 is still showing as available. The netbook will soon be taken off the site like the Mini 12 as soon as stocks have been sold. If you were after a Mini 12 then maybe our netbook comparison might help you choose an alternative.

Via: Engadget

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