Dell Latitude E-Family Laptops Launched

Dell have unveiled the E Series of laptops today that include three new E ranges which are the Latitude E6410, E6510 and the E6410 ATG.

In the new range of laptops there are a variety of processors to choose from which include either Intel Core i5 ot Core i7 processors. For memory they use DDR3 and they also have HD displays.

The Latitude E6410 and E6510 are classed as Mainstream laptops and come with either 14.1 inch or 15.6 inch screens. The prices for each start at $1,129 and $1,164 respectively. Each of these two laptops include 3 megapixel cameras along with optional graphics from NVIDIA (depending on which upgrades you purchase).

The other laptop is the Latitude E6410 ATG that falls in to the semi-rugged category. This particular laptop has a 14.1 inch display and meets MIL STD 810G which covers it for shock, vibration, temperature, humidity and altitude.

Some of the laptops mentioned have an optional Latitude ON function that allows access to email, calendar and contacts without the need to fully boot up the laptop.

It is expected that the new E-Family range of laptops will launch soon with the prices as mentioned above. Other features are included as optional extras which can all be sifted through on the Dell site when they go up for sale.


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    Pls provide price list

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